Real fires

A while ago a man asked me if I used tinder. I replied in all seriousness that indeed I liked to use driftwood as tinder as it burned in a lovely colorful fashion due to the salt content and started fires beautifully. He laughed at me and explained that he meant the dating app. Back … More Real fires

Birthday Love

I had an experience yesterday that once upon a time would have been disturbing but today proved to me that I have shifted again and embodied something different. It was my birthday and I was walking down the street in love with everything, really enjoying the warmth of the sunshine on my skin and the … More Birthday Love

Heron Magic

The other day I was meditating on the beach. I was making it a daily practice when I took some time off work for my healing. Each time there was something unusual that happened that I cannot explain logically but was beautiful indeed and useful to me. On the last day of meditation I was … More Heron Magic

Divine Ignorance

One of the marvellous consequences of my self enquiry  and practices is that the only thing I know with any certainty is that I don’t know very much at all. The more I experience the more I know that I don’t really know. Things are occurring on this path to me that are previously unexperienced. … More Divine Ignorance

Pleasure and Pain

All is path. I say it often. It’s even the subtitle of this blog. Where is the path leading? For me it is simply a return to wholeness through a realisation of ones true nature. A re-union with Divinity. Nothing needing fixing, nothing being broken, just uncovering the veils and layers to reveal the light. … More Pleasure and Pain


In the training that I am undertaking the embodiment started from day one in the non linear movement training. The nature of the learning was experiential so it was obvious. However, the second stream of learning Polarity was not so intensely experiential.There was time for theory and also for transcribing the words that were to … More Sweetheart