In the training that I am undertaking the embodiment started from day one in the non linear movement training. The nature of the learning was experiential so it was obvious. However, the second stream of learning Polarity was not so intensely experiential.There was time for theory and also for transcribing the words that were to … More Sweetheart


My God again so much, so much occuring. I have been lax in writing. I will get back into the swing of it as it lends me so much clarity as I type. I can’t remember if I have communicated here my evolving model of the kind of relationship I desire. I feel like I … More Communion

Divine Will

To attempt to put into words what language cannot capture. The ultimate love song, the perfect love poem. The stunning piece of art that takes the breath away. The thing that poets and musicians and artists can only point to in their human expressions of the divine. It is gloriously frustrating and my flailings with … More Divine Will

Surrendered to Love

I have not written here for a month. So much transformation has occurred on a daily basis that it would be impossible to chronicle it all. In December I took action on my anchored awareness that I am enough by requesting and receiving full release from a Beloved. It was music to my ears when … More Surrendered to Love

Death and Rebirth

Grief, my old friend, come into my arms and be held in my timeless true nature. Tonight as the father of my children came to pick them up for the weekend he told me that his father had just been diagnosed with cancer in multiple organs. He looked at me in the same way he … More Death and Rebirth